z Gryfowa Śląskiego.
1397 r.
Biblia Leopolity.
Pierwszy przekład
Pisma Świętego
na język polski.
1560-1561 r.
Biblia - Pięcioksiąg
napisany na pergaminie
po hebrajsku i aramejsku
w XV w.
rękopis w języku arabskim.
Imperium Osmańskie,
początek XVIII w.
Triod kwietny
księga liturgiczna
w języku
Kraków, 1492 r.

Polska wersja

All the Commonwealth's Prayers

Exhibition accompanying the Brave Festival 2009 - "All the World's Prayers"

An exhibition of holy books from the Ossolineum collections opened from 4th July to 30th August 2009

The exhibition "All the Commonwealth's Prayers" was presented in the Rooms under the Cupola at 37 Szewska Street (entrance from the Ossoliński Alley).

Admission was free.

The exhibition in the "Rooms under the Cupola" at the Ossoliński National Institute was accompanied by a display-board presentation in the Solny Square in Wrocław from 26th June to 12 July 2009. The author of the presented photographs was Mirek Bogusz.

There was also available printed exhibition catalogue (in Polish)

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made through Him.
Without Him was not anything made that has been made."

This quotation from the Gospel of St. John inspired the organizers to arrange this exhibition in a new way. We are invited to see an exhibition arranged as a religious Dialogue, the Dialogue with the first line uttered by God, and the remaining parts completed by people. This unique Conversation begins with the Creator's words on the pages of the Bible, preserved by divinely inspired prophets and sages. The contents of the Holy Bible - the foundation of Polish culture, mentality and spirit - have been used as the starting point of this religious Dialogue. The Bible - not only the basis for Judaism and Christianity, but also a masterpiece recognized by Muslims - will be presented as a reference point for those who will participate in this conversation, regardless of their nationality: Polish, Jewish, Armenian, Ruthenian, Tartar, Lithuanian, or German.

This exhibition presents all the prayers those of the Christian faith utter, the songs they sing, the gestures they make, and the religious ceremonies and rituals they perform, as their participation in the Dialogue with God. The words expressed by people are divided into two groups here. The first group includes statements of personal beliefs and private religiousness, which individual mortals address to God. The second group of compositions addressed to God includes the most wonderful books containing collective prayers and documenting human communal religiousness.

Curator of the exhibition: Dorota Sidorowicz
The multimedia equipment for the exhibition has been loaned by the Museum of the History of Poland.

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