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Two subject blocks are planned during the conference: provenance research of early imprints and cataloguing incunabula. We hope that the event will attract representatives of research libraries belonging to the CERL, non-member libraries as well as academics. We are looking forward to exchanging the participants’ experience, presenting the results of research, discussions and constructive conclusions.

We invite speakers to hold lectures concerning provenance teams in public collections, the present state of research on Polish historical book collections in Poland and abroad, methods of cataloguing and recording provenance and ownership inscriptions as well as the perspectives and needs in research on private and institutional owners of early imprints.


Among the speakers will be Dr Monique Hulvey of Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, who will share the experiences connected with the creation of a common provenance base of French libraries. We hope that representatives of Polish research libraries and other research centres will also share their expertise with the audience.

The second subject area concerns incunabula. The 15cBOOKTRADE researchers, who focus on book trade in the 15th century, will present the procedure for entering information about incunabula into the MEI (Material Evidence in Incunabula) database, maintained by the CERL. We would very much like to hear the presentations of the researchers of 15th-century books, whom we encourage to submit the subjects of their papers. We hope that these lectures will contribute to broadening our knowledge about historical book collections in Poland and will prove useful in deciphering and cataloguing ownership signs and clues left by the former owners of the books.

The conference and the discussion panel held as part of it will become an opportunity for the libraries belonging to the Polish CERL Group to establish and initiate the work of the Provenance Working Group and to begin the insertion of source data into the MEI database.

The conference will be held at the Ossoliński National Institute in Wrocław on 29-30 September, 2016. We will provide consecutive interpretation of English lectures. Please send the entry forms, including the proposed subject of lectures, to ksiazka-dawna@znio.pl by 1 May, 2016. The confirmation of acceptance will be sent by email by 16 May, 2016. The closing date for acceptance for non-speakers is 31 July. We are planning to publish post-conference materials.

You are most welcome to attend the conference.

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