Artistic Fan Zone at the Ossolineum


„Sport in graphic arts
20 century Polish prints
from the Museum of the Lubomirski Princes

at the Ossoliński National Institute”


Polska Wersja

Exhibition in the Baroque Garden at the Ossolineum
Wrocław, ul. Szewska 37
(entrance from Zaułek Ossolińskich and Ulica Szewska)

Open from 5 June until 31 August 2012
in the opening hours of the Garden

Admission free

Artistic Fan Zone at the Ossolineum

2012 is a special year for sports fans all over the world. During the Euro 2012 held in Poland and Ukraine, football fans will support their teams in order for the best of them to win the final on 1 July in Kiev and the 2012 European Championship. Then the emotions associated with performances of athletes and national teams will dominate the UK capital, where Olympic athletes from all continents will compete in several dozen disciplines to win medals at the 30th Olympic Games. The dates of the exhibition are, therefore, no coincidence.
After the excitement of the events at the stadium, we would like to invite fans in the Fan Zone in the Market Square and television viewers to an artistic fan zone with an exhibition Sport in Graphic Arts located in the Baroque Garden at the Ossolineum. The rich collections of the Ossoliński National Institute include works of Polish graphic artists who were active throughout the 20th century and presented sport in a variety of aspects. Eminent athletes, rivalry, competition, emotions associated with winning or loosing, beauty and harmony of the human body during a physical activity as well as sports fame were all motifs translated into the language of art and can be seen in the reproductions presented at the exhibition.
“Sport is an excellent subject matter for art. Avoiding it means avoiding an important phenomenon in life” were the words Jan Parandowski used to sum up the links between art and sport. The open-air exhibition Sport in Graphic Arts testifies to the fact that sport and art are only seemingly separate worlds. Sport and art can inspire and complement each other. The Euro 2012 football matches and the Olympic emotions are an excellent opportunity to note these inspirations and links, and look at sport not only from the point of view of a supporter but also that of an artist.

Exhibition programme and preparation: Hanna Kuś-Joachimiak

Design: Zofia Jaros

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